Whatch the film. Join the movment. #4Eva



Our mission is to spread Eva’s campaign for organ donation and CF awareness far and wide! The only funding we have for our outreach campaign is coming through sales of our #4Eva materials. Please support and share our campaign!

Hello Cool World is our Canadian distributor  and they are also putting their profits from all DVD sales in Canada back to keeping our campaign going. They are committed to fairer trade  and eco practices, and our DVD cases are made without plastic, with recycled materials. We’ve partnered with ethical suppliers like Me to We Style who not only are sweat-shop free and 100% organic cotton, but they plant a tree for every tee shirt we sell!  We are working with grassroots volunteers (like you) to spread the word. Please join us!


Is the DVD for sale in the US?

Yes! You can buy it from us.

Can I buy a copy of the DVD and donate it to my local school or library?

No, not of the home versions, copyright law prohibits this. Institutions such as a library or school can purchase an educational copy of the DVD, or you could sponsor a copy. Email us for information. outreach@65RedRoses.com

Can I purchase the DVD if I live outside of North America?

While we hope that the film will eventually be available to everyone who wants to see it, we are currently unable to sell it outside of Canada. If you would like to know when the DVD becomes available in your country, please join our mailing list. We are investigating international distribution and will notify supporters when it becomes available.

How about other campaign materials, such as Eva’s heart necklace pendant?

We wish these items were available to everyone but international shipping and duty fees make the cost too prohibitive. If you’re interested in playing a role in fulfilling orders for your country, we’d love to hear from you!





Whatch the film. Join the movment. #4Eva