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Host a Screening

A screening of 65_RedRoses is about more than just bringing Eva’s moving story to your community—it’s a great way to raise awareness, encourage discussion, and generate action. A successful screening can be used as a fundraiser for your local cystic fibrosis group (or other cause close to your heart), and is an effective tool to drive organ donation.

To purchase a screening license, please fill out our Screening Request Form and we’ll be in touch.

Screening FAQ

How much does a screening license cost?

The standard fee for a one-time public screening is $350 but the fee varies depending on audience size, whether you are charging admission, and other factors. We will also offer reduced rates for multiple screenings. Fill out our screening request form and we will be in touch about price.

I live outside of North America. Can I host a screening?

We are currently investigating this possibility! If you live outside of North America and would like to host a screening, fill out our screening request form and we will contact you when more information is available.

How can I re-coup the costs or use the screening as a fundraiser?

Many screenings charge admission and find sponsorship to cover the venue and licensing costs. We also sell home DVDs (in Canada only) and campaign materials at reduced bulk rates to sell at your event to generate extra money. Contact us and we’ll be happy to put a package together that meets your requirements.

I own a copy of the DVD. Can I use this for a screening?

Unfortunately, no. You can use your DVD for private use, such as watching the film with a group of friends in your living room. But to show the film in a theatre or for a community event requires a public screening license.

What’s involved in hosting a screening?

Hosting a screening involves all aspects of organizing your event: finding and renting a venue, paying the screening license fee, and promoting it. We can offer support by helping to promote your event on our website, and through our Facebook and Twitter channels. We have a Screening Guide to help you host a successful event.

What formats are available?

Currently the film is available in DVD but we will investigate other formats if they’re requested. Contact us if you’re interested in other formats, or let us know in the comments section on the screening request form.

Why do I have to return the screening copy of the film?

You’re purchasing a license to show the film to an audience, not buying the film itself. This is the standard way all film screenings work.

Where does the money from the screening license go?

Hello Cool World is the Canadian distributor of 65_RedRoses with rights to sell community screenings in the USA as well. We are committed to investing all the proceeds back into a 65_RedRoses campaign for organ donation and cystic fibrosis awareness, #4Eva.

I don’t have the time or resources to organize a screening, but I’d still like to help the campaign.

We appreciate all kinds of support! Please contact us by filling out our volunteer form or email outreach@65redroses.com to talk to us about supporting the film and cause.

Perhaps the greatest and easiest thing you can do in Eva’s memory is to become an organ donor. Encourage your friends and family to register too, #4Eva.

To purchase a screening license, please fill out our Screening Request Form and we’ll be in touch. If you have any questions, contact: screenings@hellocoolworld.com

Looking for a copy licensed for classroom and institutional use? Go to our Educational distribution page.

Whatch the film. Join the movment. #4Eva