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Apps for Organ Donation! Our #4Eva App Is Here!

By · May 7, 2012
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We’re so excited to follow up the huge success of our 65_RedRoses US premiere on OWN with the arrival of our free #4Eva mobile app! So many of you tweeted or wrote on our Facebook wall about how Eva’s story motivated you to become an organ donor, or encouraged you to talk to the people in your life about registering as organ donors. So we’ve made it easy- just download our app, share your status as a donor, and watch the love grow!

We’re not the only ones with this brilliant idea- last week, Facebook launched a tool in partnership with Donate Life America to encourage people to share their organ donor status and encourage their friends to register! The response was incredible, with more than 100,000 people registering their organ donor status within 24 hours. We hope that everyone who was thrilled about the Facebook initative will also share their status with our #4Eva app, and that the folks in Canada who can’t use the Facebook app yet will enjoy hopping on the awareness train by downloading ours! Plus, our app has a few special features that make it unique.

When you register, you get to see the number of potential lives you’ve saved, and a map lights up to show the support for organ donation around North America! If you want to become a donor, our app links you directly with the correct state or provincial registry so you can sign up online, whether you live in Canada or the US. It also tells Eva’s story, so that new users can read why organ donation matters and learn her story. Not to mention, it looks amazing- check out co-director Nimisha Mukerji showing off the app in the photo above!

The #4Eva App is brand-new and so we’re still working on improving it for all platforms and devices, and your comments and feedback are invaluable! If you experience a bug when using our #4Eva app, please let us know!  It’s currently available for Android and iPhone, so if you have one of those in your pocket then why not download it right now?

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Whatch the film. Join the movment. #4Eva