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Transplant Recipient Brings 65_RedRoses to Cap U

By · March 13, 2012
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As you might have heard on our Twitter or Facebook Page, there was a free screening of 65_RedRoses on Thursday at Capilano University in Vancouver, BC. We were excited not only because we love sharing the film with people, but also because it was the first public screening of the new cut of the film!

The screening was sponsored by Capilano University, and they provided the use of the beautiful new theatre in the Nat and Flora Bosa Centre. It was organized by Melanie Fahlman-Reid, faculty member at Cap U and liver transplant recipient. She’s also my mom, so being able to partner with her to organize this screening was a wonderful experience. Melanie knew Eva through BC Transplant and loves the film, so she was glad for the opportunity to share it with the Capilano University community.

Melanie, like Eva, was granted a second chance at life through an organ transplant. “I’m so grateful to what [directors] Nimisha and Philip and Eva have done in creating that film,” she said. “It makes people see the individual story and individual lives behind every transplant.”

Outreach Coordinator Michelle with her mom & transplant recipient, Melanie

We brought along our new 65_RedRoses campaign materials (my cohort Sandy and I are pictured at our table above) and chatted with film-goers about the campaign and Eva’s story. BC Transplant also had a great table, offering info on registering as a donor, and email reminders for folks who wanted to sign up online.

If screening success can be measured by the tears that viewers shed in the theatre, then it was huge. Many of the attendees were supporters of the campaign, or had known Eva and her family personally, but many more were students and faculty who had heard about the film. When discussing how the film was received by the university audience, Melanie was happy to report, “I’ve gotten emails from people who attended the screening who wanted to tell me that they were so moved. The film has such a powerful effect.”

This is the first of many screenings! We’re working to bring the new cut of 65_RedRoses to theatres around Canada and the US. We hope that by giving people the chance to see the film we’ll motivate those who haven’t yet signed up to be an organ donor to take that simple step! After all, films really can change lives.

If you want to bring 65_RedRoses to your community, host a screening! Or sign up to volunteer, and we’ll let you know when there’s a screening in your area that you can help out with.

We’ll also be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. Please join us in promoting this film, #4Eva.

You can get a #4Eva heart t-shirt like the one my mom and I are wearing here! All proceeds go back into the campaign. Click here for Canadian shoppers & here for American!

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Whatch the film. Join the movment. #4Eva