Whatch the film. Join the movment. #4Eva

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By · September 23, 2011
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Before Eva died, she collaborated with Cyrus McEachern to do a series of stunning photos which are part of her legacy and the campaign for Organ Donation and CF Awareness.  You can see the photos that the filmmakers are using on this site. Eva and Cyrus also collaborated to do a series of photos for BC Transplant, that featured also other people who had received transplants. That campaign was rolled out last spring as the “Live Life. Pass it On. Campaign.

Eva’s collaboration with her friend Cyrus came about when was in medical school, and  as he tells it:  “In my first year, one of the cardiology professors hosted an annual heart-themed photo contest titled ‘Heartfelt images’. One of my ideas was to do a portrait and overlay an x-ray of a heart over the chest. I had gotten to know Eva over some lunches at UBC and I knew she liked photography and modeling, so I asked her to be my model – she enthusiastically obliged.”

4Eva posterWhen Eva showed up to Cyrus’ place she realized she had her face-paints in her car, without  much of an idea of what they were doing Eva painted a heart on her chest in the mirror with an image from google as her guide. Cyrus says: “ I took hundreds of photos that afternoon, but the one with her arms over her head stood out to me like none other. I stayed up all night editing it, and came up with the image that has been featured in many newspapers, magazines, and of course Eva’s blog.”

Hello Cool World is the Canadian distributor for the film, and they are partnering with BC Transplant to unite and expand the Live Life. Pass It On campaign to include photos of Eva from both photoshoots, and to add the hashtag: #4Eva.  Our vision in BC is to get the film into every high school.

Our overall mission is to promote Eva’s legacy and build a worldwide movement in her name, encouraging everyone to use the 65RedRoses.com as a way to sign up to become an organ donor wherever they are. We will be working with every group possible to create geo-targed direct links of our site to organ donation registries, especially when the film launches in the US on OWN next year.  Join us!

Tune in today between 3pm-7pm PST via LiveStream.


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Whatch the film. Join the movment. #4Eva