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March 17, 2017

Watch for our upcoming article in The Muse magazine, a medical humanities initiative that aims to address key healthcare issues through interdisciplinary dialogue. 

In this upcoming article we talk about the campaign #4Eva and how Eva and Cyrus McEachern collaborated to submit the now famous photos of Eva and the heart she painted on her body. Their inspiration was a contest founded by Dr. Carol Ann Courneya. This contest in turn inspired our legacy campaign, #4Eva.

"Heartfelt Images started in 2000 after I had been to a medical education meeting where I went to a session that was entitled the 'The Use of Photography and Critical Thinking.' And I thought, I wonder if I can bring that idea back and when I’m teaching medical students about the heart, give them the opportunity to use a camera and conceptualize the heart artistically? I’m a photographer, just amateur, purely amateur, but I have always loved photography and I think visually and I learn visually. So, it made perfect sense to me."
~ Dr. Carol Ann Courneya, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and an Associate Professor in Cardiovascular Physiology

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